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Are you booking on behalf of the bride and groom?=09NoBride full name=09=
Deborah HillBride phone=09=
07817 486118Bride email=09debbie.hill@mariecurie.org.ukGroom full name=09Peter CoulsonGroom email=09coulsonpeter@hotmail.comGroom phone=0907843 209412Best man name=09Richard Travers=
and James LeclercqBest man mob=
ile=0907753 463709 07702 995659Invoice address=096a Albion Road
SM2 5TF=09Bride & ento=
rage delivered to the ceremony on time=09Bride & groom chauffeured from ceremony to receptionWedding date=0919 Oct 2018=
Bride pick up venue=09=
The Alma
499 Old York Road
SW18 1TFBride pick up time=0910:25 amNumber of passe=
ngers=092Ceremony star=
t time=0911:00 amCer=
emony or church venue=09Register Office
Wandsworth Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PUReception venue=09=
The County Arms
345 Trinity Road
Sw18 3SHLandrover ribbons=
=09IvoryChampagne=09YesPrice agreed =C2=A3=
=09TBCAccept Terms and Cond=

Page: http://www.landroverwedding.com=
Unique ID: #71
Date: 10th September 2018
Time: 9:27 am=0A

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